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Hustle in Russia
Autor: Vjacheslav (
Datum: 03. April 2002 12:16

<HTML>Dear friends,
We are the Federation of Hustle in Russia. We would like to exchange dance
links and banners with you. Our website is the official site
of hustle (disco-swing and disco-fox) in Russia. Our site was created half
a year ago and it is now practically fully translated into English. We would be very
happy if you would invite us to your tournaments and competitions, take
part in discussions on our website and leave notes in our guestbook.

You can also discuss any issues and questions on our web site in the forum section, in the questbook or by mail

Sincerely yours,
Vyacheslav Khlopkov
President of the Moscow Hustle Federation,
multiple winner of World Masters tournaments,
vice world champion in acrobatic rock-n-roll</HTML>

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