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SDK Street Dance Camp EUROPE 2010
Autor: Peta (80.123.40.---)
Datum: 13. März 2010 22:23

SDK Street Dance Camp EUROPE 2010

•SDK is for all of us, who has streetdance int their hearts...
•SDK is meeting and confrontation of streetdancers of all nations and believes
•SDK is tradition, which will last as long as we are faithfull to the culture...
•SDK unites soulful people who express their emotions and statements to life by street dance art
•SDK is an instrument to express your own statement through street dance and hip hop culture
•SDK is streetdance in the heart of Europe

150 top world dancers
40 top world instructers
3000 dancers from 16 countries
300 workshops
7 x international style battles of top world dancers
8 x street dance jams
5 x street dance parties

What is it about?

SDK is for those who love modern dance music, mostly black music and street dance styles (old school and new school)

Camp is for COMPLETE BEGINNERS, that never danced before, also for PRO DANCERS.

You will be separated in the camp by your level and your ideas!!!All is free!!!If no one of you never danced before, this is the best opportunity.

If someone wish to spend time in the camp, and NOT join any of the workshops, just choose in the registration JAM CARD and pay costs related to it.


RV Help and protection
Autor: Rank50c (91.224.160.---)
Datum: 12. Mai 2011 23:09

I am having a hard time finding a good rv cover. Does anyone have any recomendations. I checked out these sites - - - Any feed back would be great. Thanks

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