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Tanzplätze in Finnland
Autor: Johann (83.65.234.---)
Datum: 12. Juni 2005 14:09

Hallo! Hat irgend jemand Erfahrung zum Thema Tanzen in Finnland? Ich meine Tanzplätze wie die großen tanssilavat mit 300 bis 1000 Quadratmeter Tanzfläche und nicht irgendwelche winzigen Tanzlokale in der Großstadt, wo man sich kaum umdrehen kann.

Re: Tanzplätze in Finnland
Autor: Twototango (193.142.122.---)
Datum: 18. Oktober 2005 11:19

Hallo Johann,

This information is maybe coming too late for your summer holiday but this link is still valid and very active and as you can see there are lots of big dance places all over in Finnland. I personally visited app. over 30 places total dancing evenings over 60, and the desease is still going on. At best there were 9 evenings after another. Yes, I'm maniac, but it's also good and resfreshing exercise.

Now I'm coming to Vienna for a week with my tanzpartner. We are totally dancimaniac finnish couple, but otherwise quite normal. Our visiting days are soon, from 22th to 29th October.

I found from the WWW two possible places I like'd to visit and dance. One is Biedermannsdorf (22th Oct) and the other is PÖ. Can anyone recommed these places? Is there some better possibilities with good dancing atmostphere in Center of Vienna?

Can anyone say the best way to travel into Biedermannsdorf from our city hotel?
Or is perhaps somebody able to give as a lift ? (Just wishing...)

[] and there > Tanssipaikkoja aakkosjärjestyksessä

Re: Tanzpl�tze in Finnland
Autor: Johann (83.65.250.---)
Datum: 25. Oktober 2005 19:16

Voi kiva etta tuli vastaus. Kylla tanssimme Suomessa kesa/heinakuussa (Finnjet, Mantsala, Syvalahti, Savion lava, Finnjet).
Wienissa me olimme jo at a just4dance dance evening and at the "Rock and Roll Teddys" Club evening at Rothneusiedlerhof. At both places great fun but at Rothneusiedlerhof there is only Boogie dancing. Sorry we don't know what it's like at the PO.
Katsokaa vaikka
[] ja [] ja myos
Iloista jatkoa!
Terttu ja Johann

Re: Tanzplätze in Finnland
Autor: Johann (83.65.250.---)
Datum: 25. Oktober 2005 19:31

after last linkt add /terttu (forum did cut this off for some reason) - en tieda miksi

Re: Tanzplätze in Finnland
Autor: Twototango (193.142.122.---)
Datum: 04. November 2005 09:14

Thank you for late hints, Sorry we have time to read emails or this site on the week we were there. You did here the report on PÖ, which was nice and positive experience. Highly recommendable dancing place also.

Sorry nimimerkin lainaamisesta, mutta ei mitään väärinkäsityksiä kuitenkaan siitä aiheutunut. Tämä yhteys lakkaa, jatketaan tanssi.netissä.

Auf wiedersehen

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